Power. Responsibility. Leadership. STATECRAFT is a 30-minute  web series featuring interviews with leaders and influencers in politics and international relations, about their experience and insights in the art of wielding power and how their actions, decisions, and thoughts have shaped the lives and the destinies of nations, regions, and the entire world.

In every episode of STATECRAFT, Sass Rogando Sasot will have a dialogue with  statesmen and women about their experience in exercising power, the decisions they have made, and the challenges they have faced. STATECRAFT is meant to make people familiar about how power is exercised in the world and the decision-making process of those who are in a position of influence. And through the insights it imparts to its audience, STATECRAFT also aspires to inspire those who would like to pursue a career in politics or international relations.

Each episode is taped in advance and has Tagalog subtitles.


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Episode 1: Power in the World
Jaap de Hoof Scheffer
11th Secretary-General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

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Episode 2: On Statesmanship & Scholarship
Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo
14th President, Republic of the Philippines

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